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Client: A Global Technology Firm

High costs from VMs running at low utilization and with application isolation, our approach involved proving savings with a proof of concept using Azure Service Fabric, leading to Azure Virtual Desktop, containerized apps deployed to production. This strategy realized over 50% savings in Azure hosting costs while maintaining and improving performance.


Client: A Global Pharmaceutical Company

Faced challenges in supporting digital operation center apps with microservices and sought to harmonize a suite of independent apps into a single experience. By employing a set of containerized microservices using Docker, Kubernetes, .NET Core, and Azure DevOps, we provided a unified experience for deploying apps using DevOps CI/CD, enabling modern architecture to gain scale and agility.


Client: A Global Retailer

Need for a scalable cloud-native platform to replace aging infrastructure and manage large customer-facing footprints, we combined architecture (Shopify, microservices on Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Functions) with lift-and-shift strategies. This delivered a scalable, cost-effective platform capable of supporting seasonal and spike loads efficiently.


Client: Ministry of Energy

Required an agile platform for product prototyping and delivery to rapidly develop and deploy new products/applications. Our integration of Azure Kubernetes Service with best-of-breed components (GitLab, Helm) for end-to-end product delivery offered agile provisioning of environments for developers, reproducible deployments, and compute elasticity using Kubernetes, secured and integrated with enterprise standards.

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