Aelias CloudFlow

Accelerate deployment, minimize costs, and reduce complexity of cloud-delivered Windows and Windows applications. Save up to 80% on Azure costs and deployment time.


Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365 deployment in a few hours or connect to an existing environment in as little as 10 minutes.


CloudFlow is the most secure Microsoft Azure management portal available; it’s deployed as an Azure application into your subscription.

Advanced Automation

Automatically provision a complete AVD or Windows 365 environment with Intune in a few hours or connect to an existing environment in minutes.

Scale & Optimize

Save up to 75% on Azure compute and storage costs with CloudFlow’s Advanced Auto-scaling. Achieve up to 80%-time savings and eliminate human error.

Numbers Speak

Trusted By Thousands Of Organizations And Millions Of Users

Hear it From Our Customers

Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the quality and value of Aelias CloudFlow.

One word – Awesome! In about 2 hours, we went from no
Azure presence to deployed Workstations for remote users
in both LIS and India. If you buy any tools for Azure Virtual
Desktop – make it this one. And now.

No other way to do AVD. Started with “normal” AVD and it
was very cumbersome to setup and difficult to manage
natively in Azure. We were able to set it up and get test
AVD virtuals running in a fraction of the time we wasted
without it. If you’re planning to setup and use a functional
AVD environment and you skip CloudFlow, you’ll be doing it
wrong. Their support is great and the product works well,
super impressed.

Worth every penny! This product makes AVD easy to
manage with all its robust features. It also clearly shows
you everything it is doing step by step so you can see how
the “sausage is made”. You get the added benefit of being
able to pull logs from with the GUI. Most of all it saves you
money. The support team is also incredible – fast,
responsive and knowledgeable.

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